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Pomadasys panamensis (Steindachner, 1876)

Maximum recorded size:
39.0 cm TL (male)

Dentary of Pomadasys panamensis

Coronoid process pointed or curved downward and oriented anteroposteriorly. Ventral process hemi-ellipsoidal or bifid with a pointed and a rounded tips, and curved according to dorsal/ventral axis. Its relief present a depression covered in part and at the tip, in posterior part, a pore can be present. Meckelian fossa present. Internal and external notches small and internal notch larger than the external one. Chin apophysis short. Mandibular symphysis oriented vertically, straight. Tooth type: villiform (like a carpet). No bigger tooth at the anterior part. One or several pore on external side and no pore on internal side. No foramen.

Specimen n°MNHN-8043
Study collection of P. Béarez (Paris, France)

Determination Béarez, P. (2000)
Length 31.3 cm SL, 38.6 cm TL (Female)
Collection site  (Panama)