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About OsteoBase

OsteoBase receives support from:

  • FishBase, a global information system on "fishes", including information on taxonomy and biology of almost all extant species


logo AcanthoWeb AcanthoWeb (MNHN, direction: G. Lecointre)


logo MRAC Royal Museum for Central Africa (Tervuren, Belgium)

  • Wim Van Neer : osteological material and osteometric data

logo MNHN National Museum of Natural History (MNHN), Paris

  • Léa Bled : photo acquisitions
  • Kathleen Jacquez : identification key (Xper2)
  • Irene Valderrama : photo acquisitions, osteometry
  • Emilia Buenaventes : development
  • Stéphane Grosjean : photo acquisitions
  • Lina Duque : photo acquisitions
  • Manuel Martinez Cáceres : photo acquisitions

Financial supports

logo MNHN  E-muséum (MNHN)

logo ATM Formes  ATM 'Formes possibles, formes réalisées' (MNHN)

logo Fondation Total  Total Foundation