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Trachurus murphyi Nichols, 1920

Maximum recorded size:
70.0 cm TL (male)

Dentary of Trachurus murphyi

Coronoid process curved downward and oriented anteroposteriorly. Ventral process without particular shape, and oriented according to dorsal/ventral axis straight. Its relief is flat or present a depression covered in part and at the tip, in posterior part, there is a pore. Meckelian fossa present. Internal notch larger than the external one but the two notches are small. Chin apophysis short. Mandibular symphysis oriented vertically, straight. Tooth type: conical or caniniform or villiform (like a carpet) in one or two rows of teeth. No bigger tooth at the anterior part. External and internal teeth have the same size. One or several pore on external side. Pore can be present on internal side. No foramen.

Specimen n°MNHN-6547
Study collection of P. Béarez (Paris, France)

Determination Béarez, P. (1994)
Length 49.2 cm SL, 58.5 cm TL (Unknown sex)
Collection site Salango (Ecuador)